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Financial Assistance

Vivo Health Pharmacy is committed to finding financial assistance programs that help all our patients.

We understand the cost of medications associated with complex diseases can be overwhelming, and we do all we can to find applicable copay cards, manufacturer programs, and third-party foundations that provide extra support and coverage. Vivo Health also provides support to all patients with Medicare drug coverage.

Please contact us for additional information on financial assistance.


Vivo Health Pharmacy will bill your insurance company for the cost of your medication, but you may have to pay some of the cost in the form of a copayment. Using a pharmacy outside of the Vivo Health network typically results in higher copays or a lack of coverage for certain medical services. Vivo Health will alert you or an authorized agent to these circumstances before services go into effect.

We provide a cost breakdown for all prescription claims, indicating how much your insurance company will pay and what your copayment will be, if applicable. You can access prescription claims information by calling the pharmacy during normal business hours.


Vivo Health Pharmacy helps patients obtain copay assistance cards from manufacturers and other programs. The chart is not a complete list of options, please visit or call your Vivo Health Pharmacy to learn more.

Condition(s) Drug Hotline Weblink
Rheumatoid Arthritis / Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis / Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Actemra 1-800-ACTEMRA Actemra
MS Avonex 1-800-456-2255 Avonex
Fertility Cetrotide   Cetrotide
Rheumatoid Arthritis / Psoriatic Arthritis / Ankylosing Spondylitis / Crohn’s Disease Cimzia 1-844-599-CARE Cimzia
MS Copaxone 1-800-887-8100 Copaxone
  Cosentyx 1-844-COSENTYX Cosentyx
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) / Plaque Psoriasis / Psoriatic Arthritis / Anklyosing Spondylitis (AS) / Juvenile Idiopathic Arthiritis (JIA) Enbrel 1-888-4ENBREL Enbrel
Ulceratic Colitis / Crohn's Disease Entyvio 1-855-ENTYVIO Entyvio
Growth Hormone Deficiency Genotropin 1-800-645-1280 Genotropin
MS Gilenya 1-800-GILENYA Gilenya
Fertility Gonal - F   Gonal - F
Growth Hormone Deficiency Humatrope 1-866-923-1953 Humatrope
Rheumatoid Arthritis / Chronic Plaque Psoriasis / Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis / Psoriatic Arthritis / Hidradenitis Suppurativa / Alkylosing Spondylitis / Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis / Panuveitis Humira 1-800-4HUMIRA Humira
Fertility Menopur 1-973-796-1600 Menopur
Chemotherapy – Induced Febrile Neutropenia / Acute Myeloid Leukemia / Cancer Patients Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant / Peripheral Blood Porgenitor Cell Collection and Engraftment / Severe Chronic Neutropenia Neupogen 1-888-65-STEP1 Neupogen
Growth Hormone Deficiency Norditropin 1-888-NOVO-444 Norditropin
Psoriasis Otezla 1-844-4OTEZLA Otezla
Fertility Ovidrel   Ovidrel
Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Prolia 1-877-PROLIA1 Prolia
MS Rebif 1-877-447-3243 Rebif
Crohn’s Disease / Pediatric Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis / Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis / Rheumatoid Arthritis / Psoriatic Arthritis / Ankylosing Spondylitis / Plaque Psoriasis Remicade 1-877-CarePath Remicade
Crohn’s Disease / Pediatric Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis / Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis / Rheumatoid Arthritis / Psoriatic Arthritis / Ankylosing Spondylitis / Plaque Psoriasis Remicade   Remicade
Ulcerative Colitis Simponi 1-877-MY-SIMPONI Simponi
Plaque Psoriasis / Crohn’s Disease / Psoriatic Arthritis Stelara 1-877-227-3728 Stelara
Hepatitis B Vemlidy 1-877-627-0415 Vemlidy
Opioid Dependence Vivitrol   Vivitrol
Rheumatoid Arthritis Xeljanz 1-855-4XELJANZ Xeljanz
Hepatitis C Zepatier 1-866-251-6013 Zepatier
Growth Hormone Deficiency Zomacton 1-844-944-ZOGO Zomacton