Our Mission

Vivo Health Pharmacy’s mission is to be an ambulatory care pharmacy services leader, providing quality specialized pharmacy services that can be customized and integrated to form full delivery medical care systems across our facilities. Our vision is to continuously adapt and evolve with the changing health care landscape, ensuring that we have an impact on promoting and improving the health of our patients, employees, and the communities we serve.

Our mission is consistent with the overall mission of Northwell Health: to improve the health of our communities by providing the highest quality of care. Through core principles that include a dedication to service, excellence, compassion, innovation, and continuous improvement, we pledge to provide pharmaceutical care that:

  1. Meets patient needs.
  2. Meets accepted ethical and professional practice standards.
  3. Meets legal requirements, both state and federal.
  4. Improves quality through education, training, and research performed by pharmacy staff.
  5. Complies with requirements established by accrediting agencies such as URAC and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.
  6. Maintains fiduciary responsibility and is cost-effective.
  7. Services all Northwell Health patients and employees.

Our aim is to always be professional and attentive to customer needs. Our pharmacy will treat you in a friendly, honest, and respectful manner. It is very important to us that you are satisfied with our service and products. If any issue arises from our service or products, we will promptly attempt to resolve your issue. Please reach out through our Contact Us form with any questions.