For Pharma

Manufacturers need a pharmacy partner with the proven ability to streamline the complex coordination of specialty pharmacy medication access. We offer a solution that removes the chaos from the patient journey through a fully integrated approach to care.

Empowering Patients. Dispensing Intentionally.

We go beyond dispensing drugs:

Access to Medications and Enhanced Dispensing Capabilities

Expertise with programmatic development in support of Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) programs and limited distribution drugs.

Care Continuity and Coordination

Interprofessional collaboration throughout the continuum of care.

Comprehensive Ambulatory Support Services

Centralized and practice-based pharmacists and pharmacy service coordinators.

Specialty Patient Management Program

A highly-trained pharmacy team provides clinical support and closely monitors patients throughout their care journey.

Data Reporting Capabilities

Insightful and actionable reporting combining the power of pharmacy dispensing data with clinical information found in our EHR.

Our Specialty Experience - What Makes Us Different

Our clinical expertise includes but is not limited to:

Meet Our Team

You’ll be working with these members of our team. 

Curious to find out how Vivo Health Pharmacy can help you? 

Please contact Danielle Sestito and Laura Dolan at

Danielle Sestito leads Trade Relations for Vivo Health Pharmacies and works closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Laura Dolan focuses on provider relations, business development, and special programs. They will both work closely with your team to build and optimize relationships and to provide the best care to our patients.