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Why Vivo Health Pharmacy?

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With Vivo Health Pharmacy, your patients have access to…

A Continuum of Care

We establish clear lines of communication with providers, ensuring a true continuum of care for patients.

Free Delivery

We'll make sure your patients get the medication they need by delivering it right to their door.

24-Hour Support

With our 24-hour clinical call center, a qualified health care professional is always standing by to answer your patients' questions.

Convenient Text Payment

Pay for your prescriptions via a secure payment link sent to your mobile device via text.

Two Way Texting

Register at your nearest Vivo location, and provide your mobile number to communicate with us via two way texting.

Vivo Health Pharmacy provides outstanding service in terms of aiding physicians, and educating patients on their medication and the importance of adherence.

Dr. Craig Devoe, Chief of Oncology, Northwell Health

How to Send Prescriptions

Follow this shortcut to send your prescriptions to Vivo Health Pharmacy through Allscripts EEHR.

  1. Start by selecting “Send to Retail” in the Rx tab or by using the “Retail Pharmacy” field in the patient info section.
  2. Use the magnifying glass to search for the desired pharmacy.
  3. Remove pre-existing search filters by selecting the "View All” option.
  4. Search for "Vivo" to find all Vivo Health Pharmacy locations. One tip: Consider using additional search fields to limit results, such as ZIP code.
  5. Once you're done, consider marking the selected pharmacy as the default in the pharmacy section of the patient's information.

Vivo Health Pharmacy is here for you — and your patients.

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