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Specialties & Conditions

Do you suffer from a chronic condition? Learn more about the ways Vivo Health can support you.


Whether you’re wondering how to read your blood sugar levels, or you’re looking to overhaul your diet, Vivo Health is here to support you.


Fertility treatments can be an overwhelming process. We provide convenient access to specialty medications, treatment counseling, financial resources, and more.


We assist patients who are dealing with a range of blood disorders and blood cancers, from Leukemia, to multiple myeloma, to hemophilia.

Hepatitis C

The cost of hepatitis C treatments can be significant. As part of our personalized care, we help patients identify financial resources to help.


Our experts will help ensure that you properly adhere to and manage your HIV or AIDS medications.


Our board-certified oncology experts are here to ensure you understand your treatment plan and have the proper resources in place to make it a success.


Do you have a question about injection techniques, or preventing infections? We provide one-on-one support to complement your care.