Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Vivo Health Pharmacy?

Vivo Health Pharmacy is powered by Northwell Health, one of the nation's largest health care systems. This vast network of providers, facilities, and resources allows us to provide you with a personalized pharmaceutical experience that is second to none.

Need to fill a prescription? Have a question about your medicine? Our pharmacies are conveniently located in treatment centers, which means your doctor and pharmacist are partners in your care. From concierge services to insurance assistance, we are always here to help.

What conditions are included in specialty pharmacy services?

Certain conditions require a bit more attention. Vivo Health Pharmacy is equipped to provide the necessary support to patients dealing with anemia, cancer, Crohn’s disease, hemophilia and blood diseases, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, transplants, and more.

What pharmacy services does Vivo Health Pharmacy provide?

We provide specialty medications and other treatments used for acute illnesses and chronic conditions, including a range of complementary services. These services include patient education, free delivery of all medications, drug counseling, medication therapy management, patient assistance programs, medication adherence programs, vaccination, and management programs for specific conditions and diseases.

How can I learn more about Vivo Health Pharmacy Benefits Manager for Northwell Health Employee Benefits Members?

Visit our Northwell Health Employee Benefits Members page to access information about your benefits and information about maintenance medication fulfillment.

What pediatric specialty pharmacy services does Vivo Health Pharmacy provide?

We work closely with Cohen Children's Medical Center to manage the unique needs of pediatric patients. From tracking down hard-to-find pediatric medications to offering free flavoring to help the medicine go down, we do our best to make sure our young patients are happy and healthy.

How can I obtain a refill?

Call the Vivo Health Pharmacy location that filled the original prescription. A team member can order a refill for the location of your choice. Visit our Refill Your Prescription page to learn more.

Does Vivo Health Pharmacy accept Medicare patients?

We serve all patients with Medicare drug coverage. For more information on Medicare, please see the Medication Prescription Drug Coverage and Rights Form.

Does Vivo Health Pharmacy offer services to help with high-cost medications?

We understand that the cost of medications associated with complex diseases can be overwhelming. We are committed to finding assistance programs — including any applicable copay cards, manufacturer programs, and third-party foundations — that provide extra support and coverage for our patients.

What makes a medication a “specialty” medication?

Specialty medications meet one or more of the following criteria:

What will I receive with my specialty medication?

We provide a welcome packet to all patients receiving specialty medication services. The welcome packet guides patients through the process of managing their prescriptions and contains important information about our services, including policies, contact information, forms, and instructions.