Financial Assistance

The cost of medications can be overwhelming, and we do all we can to help make them more affordable.

Vivo Health Pharmacy will work with you to find applicable copay cards, manufacturer programs, and third-party foundations that provide extra support and coverage.

Please speak with your pharmacist for additional information on financial assistance.


Vivo Health Pharmacy will bill your insurance company for the cost of your medication, but you may have to pay some of the cost in the form of a copayment. There may be some limitations on what you pay, depending on your insurance.

We provide a cost breakdown for all prescription claims, indicating how much your insurance company will pay and what your copayment will be, if applicable. You can access prescription claims information by calling the pharmacy during normal business hours.


Vivo Health Pharmacy helps patients obtain copay assistance cards from manufacturers and other programs. Please visit or call your Vivo Health Pharmacy to learn more.