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Vivo Health works hard to provide Northwell Health employee benefit members with quality service and care. Find out more about your benefits plan and how to request prescription refills here. 

Refill Your Mail Order Prescriptions

Learn more about getting your medications.

Access Your Benefits

Find out more about your pharmacy benefits plan.

Understanding Your Benefits

Vivo Health PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Manager)

Do you need to speak with someone about your benefits? Contact your pharmacy benefits representative at (844) 306-8650.

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Getting Your Medications

Vivo Health Pharmacy

Do you need to set up mail order for your maintenance medications?

Complete this form. We will contact your provider to transfer your prescriptions and contact you to arrange delivery.

Do you need to transfer your prescriptions?

If you're receiving maintenance medications — prescriptions you are taking long term — through another pharmacy, email Vivo Health Pharmacy at and a representative can further assist you.

Do you need to request a refill?

If your prescription is filled through Vivo Health Mail Order Pharmacy, request your refill online.

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If your prescriptions are filled at any other Vivo Health Pharmacy, please contact your pharmacy. Find your pharmacy's contact information here.

One-time prescriptions, such as acute medications, can be filled at any Vivo Health retail pharmacy location or participating pharmacies in your area.

Any questions?

Read the Maintenance Medication FAQ for answers to some of the most common questions.

If you have any other questions about your prescriptions, please contact us.